Increased Confidence Benefits All Business Women

At one time or another, many successful women business owners worked for someone else. Often, they spent a good deal of time learning the ropes in the corporate world. Time after time, one important lesson was learned: developing the tools to influence others would be immeasurably important to their success.

Before women held positions in upper management, they had to find ways to encourage teamwork and to complete objectives by influencing co-workers. They might not have had the “authority” to tell others what to do, so they learned other ways to get things done. Many business women have always instinctively known that building relationships would be an important part of any success they might enjoy.

An Ivy League graduate and a member of management in a Fortune 500 company, Elise decided to quit her job and invest her savings in a business of her own. She would follow the type of business plan she had always used. When success was not forthcoming, she was totally baffled. “What was she doing wrong? Why isn’t this working? Who can help me to figure this out?” Elise recognized it was time to call in the cavalry and she relied on a professional in the field of success coaching.

Working side-by-side with her success coach, Elise was able to take an objective look at her management style, relationship-building, salesmanship, organizational skills and many other ingredients important to achieving success. Each area was analyzed carefully and her success coach gave her the confidence to try new things.

Although she had always considered herself a very confident person, Elise discovered she had no idea how to instill confidence in her staff. Without a successful staff, her venture would surely fail. With the help of her success coach, this woman business owner learned how to influence her staff in ways she had never thought of. The staff became more confident, business improved and the company was well on its way to success.

Even an experienced business woman can learn through the tools offered by success coaching. Learning how to influence people and increase confidence levels proved a successful formula for Elise’s business and it can do the same for you.