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Investing in Gold – Should You Put Your Money on the Line?

If you were smart or lucky enough to be one of the few who heavily invested in gold before it jumped to over $1000 an ounce, you probably have quite an expensive collection by now! You may be wondering what you can do with all that gold. Where can you find buyers? How can you sell it?

As the price of gold changes, you have to make sure that you check the prices on various gold coins before you decide to sell. You want to prevent a situation where you get ripped off just because you didn’t check the prices that day. The most popular gold coins will tend to stay more stable throughout the medium term, as gold manages to stay above $1000.

The collector coins, the ones with historic value, those are the higher end gold coins which are treated as investments as well as collector’s items.

If you’re looking to sell, don’t use eBay! Why not? First of all, you won’t be able to beat the prices. Also, when you buy over the internet, there will always be a question as to the quality/authenticity of your purchase, because you cannot actually feel the item in your hands before you buy.

In other words, you could be buying something that is a lower % of gold than advertised and not know it until its too late.

You’ll also have trouble going to a collector’s shop. These guys are notorious for offering you less than what your coins are worth.

Also, be wary of scams that ask you to mail them your gold jewelry! These are the places that ask you to mail them your cash jewelry in an envelope and that they’ll mail you back a check!

Um, no?

While I’m tempted to say that anyone dumb enough to expect that to work deserves to lose their money, there may be some naive people out there who just don’t know any better. When dealing gold over the internet, be careful!

How to Generate Passive Income With Minimum Work From YouTube

When you think of making money online through YouTube, you probably think of becoming a YouTuber. That tends to carry the connotation that you’re going to become an active content creator, film lots of videos and probably build a large audience/following for your brand.

This is a great lifestyle that allows you to make money doing something you love, while also enjoying a modicum of genuine fame. It’s a lot of work and requires a lot of skill but it’s also almost definitely worth it.

But that’s, not the only way to make money from YouTube. Actually, YouTube can be set up as a very nice passive income model that will generate revenue even while you’re resting. You can practically automate this money-making system and find it’s still surprisingly profitable. Read on to learn how.

Maximum Revenue, Minimum Investment

YouTubers can make money in a number of different ways. They make money from advertising their own products and affiliate products for example but they also generate revenue from PPC ads. These are adverts that pay out for each click, so every time someone clicks on an ad or watches it all the way through, they get a tiny amount of cash.

But while that amount is tiny, if you can rack up thousands of views a day, then it starts to add up. If you have a YouTube video that ranks in the top spot for a very popular search term, then potentially you can stand to make hundreds of dollars a day.

And if that content is evergreen, then there is no reason why that video can’t continue making money for a long time to come!

Better yet, when you consider that you can probably make and edit a great video in a few hours, there is nothing to stop you from repeating the formula over and over again until you’re eventually making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Yes, it really is that simple but here a couple of tips that will help you ensure you use precisely the correct strategy!

Quality and Brevity

When making your videos, think equality not quantity. That is not to say that you shouldn’t make a lot of videos, rather that they shouldn’t be overly long. Google actually encourages YouTube creators to keep their videos to around 3 minutes, as this will increase the number of complete views and thereby drive up revenue.

What’s more though, is that making your videos shorter means that you can make more videos in a shorter time frame and then have more content to upload that will get multiple views. That way, you can take a few days out of your regular gig, film some short videos and then upload them all in order to generate big revenue.

It sounds easy and it really is as long as you are making those videos high quality (which needs the right equipment and good editing) and as long as the videos are in a popular niche!

Forex Trading System – Can This Forex Trading Robot Really Double Your Investments?

Automated Forex trading systems are slowly making their way into the currency exchange market. More and more of these robots have turned up in the past few months, with the promise of helping traders earn huge amounts of profit. Is that really possible? How will you know if these products are telling the truth or are just out to scam people?

One of the names that first comes to mind when we talk about Forex robots is the Forex Megadroid. It was launched on the first quarter of this year and has made quite a solid impact in the currency exchange world. It utilizes several revolutionary features that set it apart from any typical software program. In this article, I will briefly describe some of its most notable characteristics so that you will have an idea if this robot suits your taste.

Have you heard of RCPTA? Well, that is short for Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis, a technology that is highly advanced and efficient. It allows the Megadroid to make precise and accurate calculations of the market movements a couple of hours in advance. It also employs an Artificial Intelligence program that enables the Megadroid to keep up with the active and fast-paced environment of the Forex market. Those robots that do not have this kind of software in them easily become obsolete after just a couple of months. This is definitely a big plus for the Megadroid trading robot.

Another important feature of the Forex Megadroid is its broker anti-fraud mechanism. There are some brokers who use techniques that go against their clients trading activities, and having something that will protect you from any of these unwanted bustles is a great idea.

The Forex Megadroid only costs $97 and includes a demo account. The installation process will take only a few minutes. People who are new and old to this field will not have much trouble in setting up the software. The package includes a manual that contains simple and clear instructions on how set up everything. Once you purchase this product, you can start by using the demo account to get yourself familiarized on how to operate this Forex trading system.

Furthermore, the Megadroid does not participate in trades all week long. The creators say that when they made the robot, they have quality in mind. Although it can not partake in as many trading deals and investments as you want to, you are still assured of very high chances in winning the few trades that you are involved in.

So if you are thinking of getting an automated Forex trading system to assist you in your venture in the Forex market business, why not check out the Forex Megadroid and find out for yourself if it really does live up to the expectations.

Want to start earning dollars today? To find out which Forex trading system is the best in doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling your investments, check out!